About Us

SHEHZAD TEXTILE INDUSTRIES is the Institutional Sector subsidiary of SHEHZAD ENTERPRISES , Pioneering in Manufacturing of Towels and Toweling goods from Karachi, Pakistan since 1989. Started off with the Terry Weaved Fabric supply locally and moved to Exports in 2001. Shehzad Textile Industries specializes in Manufacturing of High End Institutional Products opting for best quality raw material & most reliable raw products in bleaching process making the product durable, reliable & eco – friendly.

SHEHZAD ENTERPRISES (Manufacturer & Exporter of Home Textile Products) & SHEHZAD TEXTILE INDUSTRIES (Manufacturer and Exporter of Institutional Products) are both divided on the basis of specialized labor, Staff & Target Market.

SHEHZAD TEXTILE INDUSTRIES, specializes in Manufacturing of High End Institutional Products ranging from Jacquard Logo Towels, Plain Towels, Embroidered Towels, Bathrobes, Sleepers, Gowns, Bed sheets, Quilt Covers, Mattress Protectors. With complete Weaving Unit, Bleaching House and the Stitching & Finishing Unit, we are self sufficient to produce reliable products efficiently and effectively.

SHEHZAD ENTERPRISES caters to Home Textile market across the globe. Product ranges from Dyed Towels, Jacquard Yarn Dyed Towels, Dyed Bathrobes, Kitchen Towels, Kitchen Aprons, Round Towels, Shop Towels and all related Toweling products. With Vertically integrated production unit, we have set our own quality standards and are applauded among our customers. Our retention power: From 10 Years we have not lose any of our customer, however we added 38 customers which makes 54 satisfied customers portfolio. Spain, Italy, Germany, Greece, Bosnia & Herzegovina, U.A.E, Saudi Arabia and Albania are the major exporting countries. Our next focus is towards South & North American Market along with Australia and New Zealand. We have the following machineries under one roof;

  1. Powerloom Dobby Weaving – 50 Machines
  2. Powerloom Jacquard Weaving – 12 Machines
  3. Shuttleless Dobby Weaving – 12 Machines
  4. Shuttleless Jacquard Weaving – 6 Machines
  5. Bleaching house – Production Capacity – 0.6 Mn Lbs
  6. Stitching
  7. Quality Control Department
  8. Checking / Packing


Choosing the most reliable Yarn and Dyes for durable & eco-friendly Institutional Products.

Helps us to fulfill committed lead time along with the most competitive prices.

With zero tolerance policy, our quality inspectors are the best in the world.

With the most experiences staff and the sub ordinates, team work is the key role to satisfy customer needs and eventually our customer base proves it.